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Located in the southern part of Jiangsu Province, neighboring Shanghai in the east, approaching to Nanjing in the west, Wuxi is a famous ancient city of the Yangtze River with a long history of over 3,000 years and the brilliant civilization. It is a modern industry city and even considered as Small Shanghai.
As early as 3000 years ago ( the end of 11th century BC), Taibo, the eldest son of the Emperor Zhou in West Zhou dynasty came here, set up the State of Gouwu and created Wu culture, leading people to engage in water conservancy, agricultural and semi-cultural production. He promoted the exchange and integrity of central and southern China on culture and economy. In the 5th year of West Han dynasty (202BC), Wuxi County was formally established. The name of Wuxi, literarily meaning no tin, was given due to the extinguishing resource of tin of the Tin Hill.
As a famous tourism destination, Wuxi is featured by the its natural views of Tai Lake,  Li Lake and the Grand Canal, top fountain, private gardens, famous hill, fascinating parks and pavilions, small water village. Besides, the historic and humanity relics also make the city a hot spot for tourists, such as Donglin college, the former residence of Zhang Wentian, the former residence of Xu Xiake, Taibo Mausoleum and the temple. Wuxi Taihu Film & Television City, like the Hollywood, is a themed park focused on settings of ancient China. It is listed on the top 10 most famous tourism spots in China.

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Turtle Head Islet
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Red Porcelain Teapot
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