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Located in the middle of China¡¯s coastline and the south of Yangtze Delta, Ningbo is one of the famous coastal cities in China. It is separated from Shanghai by the Hangzhou Bay. With an area of 9,365 sq.km. , it houses around 5.3 million people.

Ningbo was one of  the oldest cities in China with a history over 6,000 years. In ancient times, Ningbo was the starting point of "Road of Silk" and "Road of Porcelain" by sea. Later in Song dynasty, it became the major port for international trade. It was rapidly developed and prospered since then. In late Qing dynasty, Ningbo was one of the five treaty ports opened by the Treaty of Nanjing (signed in 1842) at the end of the First Opium War. Now Ningbo has grown into one of the four international deepwater harbors in China, which can berth 300,000-tonnage vessels.

Besides, Ningbo is also famous for its natural scenery, historic and cultural heritage relics. The Neolithic He Mudu Culture Relics, the oldest private library in China-Tianyi Library, the oldest wooden building in the South of Yangtze River-Baoguo Temple,  Chiang Kaishek¡¯s Former Residence in Xikou and Siming Mountain hot spring resort make the city a hot spot for tourists in China.

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