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Tai Lake, the third biggest lake in China, lies in the boundary area of Jiangsu and Zhejiang province, covering an area of 2,427.8 sq.km. The whole Tai Lake consists of more than 180 lakes with different size. Besides, there are 48 islands and 72 peaks in Tai Lake. Tai Hu Lake is famous as a popular destination for its marvelous lake and hill views including East hill, West hill and Turtle Head isle.

Tai Lake locates in the center of the water system of Yangtze River Delta. It maintains the steady water level for the irrigating and river transportation. The Tai Lake drainage area covers 36,500 sq.km. with a population of 34 million. However, this area takes up 1/8 of the GDP of China by the less than 0.8% of the area of the whole country. Besides, it is well-known for the high urbanization and developed industries. For the mild and humid climate, Tai Lake drainage area is one of the important grain and silk bases in China.

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