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As a "pearl of the river and sea", It is situated on the northern bank of the Yangtze River of Jiangsu province, facing Shanghai across the river.

With a long history, it has been found that primitive clan inhabitants lived in this region 5,000 years ago in Nantong. In 772 A.D, the central government set Yan Cheng to govern this land. As one of China¡¯s first fourteen coastal cities opened the international trade and economy, Nantong wins a national reputation of "the first gate on the Yangtze River". The city is listed on the China¡¯s Top 100 Counties for its strong economy.

Besides, its nice coastal line, beautiful view on Langshan hill, well-preserved historic relic sites, traditional indigo fabric workshop and China¡¯s Abacus museum make the city a hot pot for tourists both at home and abroad. Langshan is considered as the best site to view Yangtze River. Meanwhile, Hao river, a graceful jade necklace of the city, runs around the whole city. They are both inscribed as AAAA National Scenic Area.

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[Langshan Hill]
Langshan Hill
[Indigo Fabric Museum]
Indigo Fabric Museum
[Abacus Museum]
Abacus Museum
[Hao River]
Hao River
[Nantong Textile Museum]
Nantong Textile Museum
[Nantong museum]
Nantong museum
[Li Garden]
Li Garden