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Outdoor activity is some kind of kid¡¯s game of the adult people, a recovery of childhood heart and a continuation of the children¡¯s funs. We may puzzle. We may lose. However, the children¡¯s funs are the eternal and most precious gifts in our whole life.


We are dedicated to design biking tours for those who want to get back the missing childhood and funs, or get to know better of the Wild China. You can bike on the zigzagged pathways on mountains, enjoy the fascinating landscapes on the trip, explore in the old villages, valleys, mountains or Alpine terraced fields, participate in the exciting activities. Come to join in us in the hot summer, smile and enjoy from your real inner world.

The Alpine Terraced Fields & Grand Valley
3 days Biking around Huangshan    From £¤950


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[Zhangshan Grand Valley]
Zhangshan Grand Valley
[Jiapeng Village]
Jiapeng Village
[Countryside bridge]
Countryside bridge
[Entrance to village]
Entrance to village
[Wind road through the hills]
Wind road through the hills