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As the political, economic and cultural center of Zhejiang province, Hangzhou lies in the northwest of Zhejiang Province with a superior location in the Yangtze River Delta.

The history of Hangzhou dates back over 2200 years ago when Hangzhou was a small county, named Wulin. The Grand Canal, connecting Hangzhou and Beijing together, made it important in the canal transportation. It prospe-red during the South Song Dynasty£¨1127-1279£©when it served as its capital. In a short period around 100 years, the town developed into a main trading center in China and had been known as ¡°Land of Fish and Rice¡± & ¡°Home of Silk and Tea¡± .

With its famous wild nature, fascinating lake views and heritage relics, Hangzhou is known as ¡°Paradise on Earth¡±. An Italian traveler Marco Polo citied it as ¡°The Finest and Most Splendid City in the World¡± in his book , THE TRAVELS OF MACRO POLO. Now Hangzhou is one of the most famous destination of China for tourists.

Hangzhou tours
Yoga Tours
2 days tour    From £¤1030

Hangzhou & China Tea
Full day    From £¤690

Shanghai-Hangzhou A
1 day tour    From £¤550

Shanghai-Hangzhou B
2 days tour    From £¤1050

Shanghai-Hangzhou C
2 days tour    From £¤1090


City to City
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[Six Harmonious Pagoda]
Six Harmonious Pagoda
[Xixi National Wetland Park]
Xixi National Wetland Park
[Hefang Cultural Street]
Hefang Cultural Street
[Guan Yao Ceremic]
Guan Yao Ceremic
[China Silk Museum]
China Silk Museum
[Hu Qing Yu Tang Herbal Store]
Hu Qing Yu Tang Herbal Store
[Leifeng Pagoda]
Leifeng Pagoda
[Longjing Green Tea Plantation]
Longjing Green Tea Plantation
[Fei lai Feng]
Fei lai Feng
[Lingyin Temple]
Lingyin Temple