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Yangzhou, a  famous garden city in the South of Yangtze River, lies in the center of Jiangsu province. The great Yangtze River and the Grand Canal converge in the city center and run through it. For the superior position, it became the hub of transportation since the ancient time.

With a history of 2,490 years, Yangzhou has experienced several times of prosperity and decline in the history. In Han dynasty (202B.C.-9A.D.), Yangzhou had started its rapid development. After the  establishemnt of Grand Canal in Sui dynasty, Yangzhou became a national hub of canal transportation. However, it prospered and became the richest city of the country in Tang dynasty. In the middle of Qing dynasty, it reached its peak and developed into a metropolis with a population over 500,000 and  the largest salt industry distribution center.

Yangzhou is not only a tourism destination with beautiful landscapes, but also a cultural city with many heritage sites. Except the fascinating wild nature, there are the oldest canal in China, mausoleums of Han and Sui dynasties, heritage relics of  Tang and Song dynasties, ancient temple, private gardens in Ming and Qing dynasties.
Besides, local customs and tradition are also interesting experience for tourists. Public bath and massage are very popular throughout the city. Exquisite handicrafts are good articles for shopping. All the above add  funs in your trip.

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