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Suzhou, the fabled Venice of the East, lies in the southeast of Jiangsu province, ran through by the Grand Canal. It covers an area of 8,488 sq. km. with a population of 6.24 million.

Suzhou has a long history over 2,500 years. It was originally built by Wu Zixu, a famous general of the state Chu. In 589 A.D. of Sui dynasty, it was firstly given the name Suzhou and reserved the name till today. It was one of the most advanced areas in the South Song dynasty (1127 A.D.-1279A.D.). Now, it is a financial, trading, commercial, logistics center of Jiangsu province as well as the important center of culture, art and education.

Suzhou is also famous as a garden city with abundant tourism resources. It is the most exquisite garden city in China which preserves the layout of the old downtown, original waterways, bridges and private gardens. As the saying goes, ¡°Above there is heaven, below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.¡± Many artists and travelers in ancient China visited Suzhou and wrote down many famous poems or articles about the beauty of Suzhou. The famous Italian traveler, Marco Polo, praised it as ¡°The Venice of Orient¡± in Travels of Marco Polo. In 1997, the gardens of Suzhou are inscribed on the World Cultural Heritage list.

Suzhou tours
Bonsai Tour to Suzhou
1 day tour from    From £¤350

Shanghai-Suzhou A
1 day tour    From £¤360

Shanghai-Suzhou B
2 days tour    From £¤1050


City to City
Ancient Capital
10 days Beijing/Xi'an/Shanghai    From £¤8010


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[Pan Men Gate]
Pan Men Gate
[Yangcheng Lake and its Crab]
Yangcheng Lake and its Crab
[Suzhou Museum]
Suzhou Museum
[Tiger Hill]
Tiger Hill
[Lingering Garden]
Lingering Garden
[Masters of Nets Garden]
Masters of Nets Garden
[The Humble Administrator's Garden]
The Humble Administrator's ¡­
[The Institute of Su Zhou Embroidery]
The Institute of Su Zhou Embro¡­
[The West Hill]
The West Hill
[The East Hill]
The East Hill