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City Introduction

    Located in the south point of Liaodong Peninsular, Liaoning Province, Dalian is sandwiched between Bohai and Yellow Sea. It is the marine gateway of northeast China. Now it has developed into an important port as well as industry, tourism and trade city. With its special geographical location, Dalian has a comfortable climate with warm winter and cool summer.

    Dalian, compared to ancient capital cities such as Beijing, Xian, Nanjing or Luoyang, is a modern¡¢young and romantic city with only a 100-year history. After the Opium War in 1840, Dalian was plunged into warfare. In 1894, Japan invaded the Peninsular and in 1897 Russian troops occupied Lushun Port (Port Arthur) and imposed upon the Qing government an unfair contract, in which they ceded Lushun as a colony to Russia. Seven years later, Lushun was again transferred to Japanese rule, when the Russians failed in the Japanese-Russian War. From then on Dalian suffered from the colonial rule of Russia and Japan for decades. It was as recently as 1955 that the Chinese government took over sovereignty of Lushun from Russia.

    Dalian features the blue sea, high green percentage, beautiful and clean environment. The whole city seems to be built in the garden. You will see a lot of beautiful squares, green land and fountains. Besides, you can also see the distinct foreign buildings inclusive of Russian, Japanese and European style. The Russia and Japan cultural streets stand for two different periods in its history. All the buildings harmoniously combine the past and present, elegant and romantic, classic and western elements, composing a fabulous symphony of buildings in the city. Meanwhile, romantic sea, beautiful Beach, fresh air and delicious seafood also become the important attractions for tourists.

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