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City Introduction

    Xi'an, the most famous ancient capital of China and the one of the four historic and cultural cities in the world, lies in the interior land of China and the middle section of the grand Yellow River.

    With a continuous history over 3,100 years, built in 12 B.C. , the city has been the capital over 1,100 year for many dynasties, among which esp. in Han and Tang Dynasties, Xi'an was the political, economic, cultural centre of ancient China and international exchange center as well as grew into a metropolis. Besides, Xi'an was also the beginning point of the Silk Road which connected Europe and Asia in many ways, which promoted the economic and cultural exchange between China and foreign countries.

    For its long history and countless cultural heritages, Xi'an wins the honor as "Natural Historical Museum". Emperor Qin Shihuang's Mausoleum and Terra-cotta Warriors is considered as No.8 Great Wonder in the World and firstly inscribed on the World Heritage List. The city wall of Xi'an is the finest and largest ancient wall well-preserved worldly. The Mausoleums of emperors of Han and Tang Dynasties are also scattered in this glorious land. All the sites above are the highlights of the ancient city.

    Besides, with Xi'an as the capital city nowadays, Shaanxi Province is famous for its wild nature. Mt.Huashan, listed as one of the four most famous mountains in China, is well-known for its steep and precipitous terrain and fascinating sunset. Mt.Zhongnanshan, Mt.Lishan, Mt.Taibaishan and solution cavity are featured by the beautiful sceneries and flourished forests.

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