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City Introduction

    Chengdu, this beautiful city lies in middle of Sichuan Province and houses about 11.25 million people. With a history over 2,300 years, Chengdu is the earliest developed area in Southwest China, which is as early as 4th century B.C. The unearth relics indicates that the art and culture has reached a high level up to West Han dynasty(206B.C.-25A.D.)£¬ such as the brocade-making industry , silk-spinning, salt industry, iron industry and lacquer work. Thanks to that, Chengdu became a metropolis with a population of 400,000 then. In Song Dynasty, the first paper money in the world appeared in Chengdu which played a very important role later in economy and society.

    Based on the long history and its prosperous economy in ancient China, Chengdu is famous for its humanistic resources such as Dujiangyan Water Conservancy Project £¨over 2,000-year history and still be used£©£¬ the earliest brocade and its complicated machine, the exquisite lacquer work, birthplace of tea, the first place of inventing the printing skill and practicing it, the wonderful Sichuan Opera and so on.  Besides, Chengdu is also famed for its natural views including mountains, lakes and rivers. Chengdu also has a long history of the Sichuan Cuisine which is the top of the four main cuisines in China.

    The last but not the least, Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Center has been created and imitated the pandas' natural habitat in order that they might have the best possible environment for rearing and breeding. The giant pandas are not only a Chinese national treasure but are also beloved by people the world over, which makes it as one of the main objectives for visitors.

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