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City Introduction

    As one of the most stunning and charming cities in China, Xiamen is famous as an International Garden City with comfortable climate, fascinating landscapes and clear air. It lies in the southeast of Fujian province and houses approximately 2.43 million.

    In its history, Xiamen was said to be a habitat of aigrette and called Aigrette Island in the ancient times. In 282 A.D., the local government set up a county here. It started to develop and prosper since then. In 1,387 A.D. of Ming dynasty, it was firstly named as Xiamen and never changed till now. After 1978, Xiamen became one of first four districts opening to the world and made the business with foreigners directly. After past 20 years, Xiamen has been one of the most competitive cities in China.

    Xiamen is a natural hot destination for tourists. It is more like a garden on sea than a city. The city is surrounded by sea, meanwhile, sea is inside the city. The beautiful islands, odd-shaped reefs, gentle rocks, ancient temples, blooming flowers, flourished trees, traditional customs, delicious seashore food and foreign buildings make the city a graceful and shining pearl in Southern China. Gulangyu Island, South Putuo Temple, Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang Private Garden, Taiwan folk customs village, Sun and Moon Valley Hot Spring Resort are the highlights of the city. In this city, you can relax and enjoy yourself in the huge and beautiful garden city as well as easily get close to the sea and beach.

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